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 Lake Hartwell Pickleball Ladder League RULES

Please read the commitments below before joining


  • Requirements: Must be a YMCA member in good standing.

  • Time and Location:  League duration is determined prior to registration and play is on Wednesdays. Play may be both inside and/or outside. 

  • Fees:  Entry fee is determined prior to registration. Payment is due on week 1. Late payment penalty is 0 points assigned to the player for each week of non-payment. 

  • Levels/Play Times: Recreational play is for ALL levels and plays at 9:00am and 10:30am. Advanced play is for 3.25 and above level players and plays at 5:30pm and 7:00pmPlay times may be adjusted by the League Administrator prior to enrollment.

  • Absences:  Players missing play must communicate to the League Administrator as soon as possible and before the play date.  Multiple no shows may result in elimination from the League.Players should not sign up if projected to miss more than 2 sessions in an 6 week League or more than 3 sessions in an 8 week League.  

The Rules:

  • Ladder is set up for 5 players per group.

  • 5 player groups play 4 games to 11 win by 1.

  • 4 players due to absence in the group play 3 games to 15 win by 1.

  • The Administrator has the right to add a sub if a proper skill level match is available.

  • Ladder logic we will use:

  • An automated software program will determine player rankings based on points earned. The system will adjust playing groups each week and track each players key statistics.

  • The logic followed will be for 5 person group, 2 high point players move up one group, 2 low point players move down one group, one middle player stays in same group.

  • For 4 player groups due to an absence. Same as above, however the absent player will be counted as one of the low players and will move down one level.

  • On game day if short a player allow 10 minutes from start time then play as 4.

  • Group sheets must be clearly documented and turned in after the match. Group must agree on scores before turning in the scoresheet, so please spend a minute after your match to have final consensus.  


If you have any questions, please contact Larry Pizarek at 706-224-3689 or

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