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New Mixed Doubles Ladder League

A new team ladder league software program has been developed by Jerry West. He would like our group to conduct a trial run to test it out. The trial will be a 4 week league beginning Friday January 12th and ending Friday February 2nd. Play is at 1:00. Play will be outside if the weather permits or inside if needed.

Each team will play 4 games to 11. Each 2 person mixed team stays together for the 4 weeks. A team name will be needed. This league is for players 3.2 and higher and will consist of 24 players. (12 women/12 men). If you have a partner please specify in the comments section when you register. Please list partner’s name. If no partner then just signup and you will be matched. If you are going to be out a week it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find a suitable substitute so that league play is not impacted. $10 fee for the league.

Registration will be open on SPOND today!

The administrator is Larry Pizarek. He has the right to pick teams from the signup list for this trial. All questions should be referred to Larry at

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