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PickleNEWS from Henley Cleary


Greetings everyone. There are so many new faces on the courts that it is hard to keep up with everyone and everything that is happening in the world of Bell Family YMCA Pickleball!!!

First, thank you Deon, Brigid and the Social Committee for putting together a fabulous Cornhole Tourney and picnic for all of us. The attendance was wonderful and everyone had a great time.

A little housekeeping:- The indoor courts are available for Pickleball M-F beginning at 10am after Summer Camp finishes devotionals. The only time this would not be true is if it is raining and the Soccer Camps have to come indoors. Watch your SPOND on those days. Kerv should send out a notice.

We collect money for certain events to pay for balls, nets, fabric barriers, outdoor windscreen parts, gas for the blower, etc.- There is a restricted account where we put extra funds for future court maintenance. Right now we have $9646 held in the restricted fund account.

If you know of anyone in the pickleball community who is going through a difficult time please notify Gretchen McClymont, or a board member, so that we can reach out with a card, meals, condolences, or whatever is needed.

PLEASE check the pickleball website where you can find the calendar of events, Ladder League information, and general information.

Thank you to our Pickleball Committee for all they do to keep the game going for us:

Henley Cleary - Chair

Pat Wehde - Co-Chair & Evening Ladder League

Perry Wehde - Evening Ladder League

Cheryl Vaughan - Communications

Susan Nock - Social

Julie Walker - Pickleball Events

Sheila Staebel - Maintenance

David McGinnis - Clinics

Pam Miller - Morning Ladder League

Pam McGovern - Morning Ladder League

Gretchen McClymont - Sunshine

If you are interested in serving on the committee or have ideas for the program please let one of these people know!


  • July 3rd - Registration for Summer Ladder League on SPOND

  • July 10th - Bowling (See event calendar and SPOND for details) No registration needed!

  • July 17th - Summer Ladder League Begins

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A sincere thank you to the Committee for keeping this club going. We appreciate the club and all you do to allow us to enjoy the game and each other! 😍

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