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Week 2 Ladder League Schedules Are Posted

Just click the AM or PM Ladder League Schedule tab at the top of our web page to see when and where you are playing for Week 2.

The inside courts have been assigned for the PM Ladder League. If your group agrees to play outside, it is first come first serve for the outside courts. Also, keep in mind as a Player you will always be in a group so when missing your group plays with 4. If 2 players are missing, we try to backfill with subs but no guarantee. Thanks to all who paid the entry fee in week 1. Players who miss paying in week 2 will face the 0 point penalty. Thank you, Ladder Larry

Please contact the following people if you will be absent or have any questions.

AM Ladder League Leaders: Pam McGovern 706 410-0625, Pam Miller 720 849-0422 PM Ladder League Leader: Larry Pizarek 706 224-3689

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