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LHPC PickleNews!

Hello Picklers!

We had a great summer Ladder League! Thank you to Larry and Pat Pizarek and their team for all the time they put into organizing a great time for all who participated.

As usual, we have a few housekeeping notes:

  • Thank you for being kind to the gym walkers. It has been noticed and appreciated.

  • Early morning outdoor players - feel free to use the blower and blow off your (or all) of the courts if sand or debris is on it /them. The blower is in the storage box and the code is BALL. Dirt and sand grind into the court and cause holes in the court.

  • Last people off the outdoor courts please lower the umbrellas and secure them.

  • Indoor players, please continue to take down your nets, put the bleachers back in place, lower the basketball goals and clean the pickleball courts of “left behinds”

  • Everybody…..put your trash in the trash cans. Your mother is not here to clean up after you :-) Better yet…… stop using throw away plastic bottles! Bring your water or drinks in your reusable bottles (you know you have at least 10 at home….) Gatorade? Buy the powder and mix your drinks in a reusable container. If you want to feel real proud of yourself use our water fountain in the locker room hallway and you can see how many plastic bottles you keep from using every time you fill up!!!

  • If you have not signed up for SPOND please go to our website and find the SPOND link and get yourself signed up to get notifications about events. Julie Walker is always planning Wednesday night events and another Ladder League will begin in September.

  • The AC in the gym will be set at a constant temperature at all times (as requested by regional director).. A lock is going to be put on the thermostat so that individuals can not change the temperatures. There have been times that Kerv has changed the temperatures to suit requests but this has caused too many complaints and problems. If you plan to come to the gym to work out be prepared to sweat. Regardless of the gym AC temperature setting it is always lower than the outdoor temps!

  • David McGinnis continues to hold clinics so if you want to join in please contact him.

  • If you have suggestions or questions please feel free to text or call me. I will be happy to resolve any issues so that everyone can continue to enjoy this game and friendships!



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